Bachata for beginners to Intermediate

Do you want to learn Bachata or do you know someone who wants to learn how to dance Bachata ?! Then tell this person the following … Salsa Connexion gives various Bachata courses on various days. The first lesson is a free trial lesson + also the first lesson of the course. As an “already” dancer, you are of course also very welcome to help out during this open class evening.

About Bachata

Bachata is a style of social dance from the Dominican Republic which is now danced all over the world. It is associated with bachata music. In the West, various dancers are known to copy moves and turn patterns from various couple dances, performing these combinations in the timing used in bachata dancing, thus creating a fusion dance.

The authentic dance from the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean is a basic dance sequence in a full 8-count moving within a square. Dancers in the Western world much later made up a basic step going from side to side, and also copied dance elements from other couple dances of various origins, Latin and non Latin alike.

There are 3 styles of Bachata all being giving at Salsa Connexion.
– Dominican Bachata (we call them the fundaments & roots)
– Bachata Moderna (mix of integrated moves and turn patterns)
– Bachata Sensual (characterized by waves and body motion)

Bachata at Salsa Connexion

In most of our Bachata classes we mix all 3 Bachata Styles or work on elements / fundaments which you need to learn/master them.

We also have specific Bachata Sensual classes (for which you need to finish at least Bachata 2 + 3 (+4) at Salsa Connexion.

without the right knowledge and dance experience it becomes difficult to take this lesson. Ask the teacher for advice if you are not sure which lesson suits you.

Bachata Sensual

Bachata sensual is a style of bachata that has its origin from the south of Spain. Especially cities like Cadiz, Sevilla and Malaga has led the development. Many people recognize the couple Korke and Judith as the founder of bachata sensual. As with Dominican style you start on one and break on four and eight. In sensual style there is much more focus on body movements and body isolation. It is the men that lead most of the moves, but the girls have quite a lot of freedom to use sensual body movement, like body rolls to spice up her appearance. Sensual style has become very popular in Europe and is now also being taught at Salsa Connexion in Eindhoven.

Bachata – Elements of Bachata

Bachata – Elements of Bachata is one of our newest lessons. It is labeled as Bachata level 4, which means that we advise you to first finish Bachata 2 + 3 at Salsa Connexion before participating in this lesson, unless you already have the required dance experience.

This course contains different elements, the 3 styles of Bachata Dominican, Moderna, Sensual. The curriculum is made in such a way that you can taste different styles and techniques, “different elements”.

When we take a course level, we speak of level of control. From Bachata 4 there are many more techniques and combinations that we can not teach them into 10-12 weeks. We advise Salsa Connexion students to continue this course for 6-8 months. This amounts to 2 to 3 courses. Depending on your dance experience and talent, you will learn at your pace and master the lesson material / techniques.

What can you expect?

The open lesson is intended for both the beginner and the more experienced Bachata dancer. During this lesson you learn the basics of this “for many” addictive dance. Dancers who want to brush up their skills are of course also very welcome! After the lesson, we set up music to enjoy and practice. There is enough room to ask questions and to chat with other participants.

Why participate?

Why participate?
– a structured curriculum through which everyone can learn;
– easy way to meet new people;
– fun! share this experience together;
– a nice way to challenge your body and mind (Bachata is healthy);
– your age is unimportant, everyone can learn!

– registration is possible with or without a partner;
– registration is mandatory for participation in the course;
– the course starts with sufficient registrations.
– the first trial lesson is also the first lesson of the course series (series about 10-11-12 weeks).

Bachata Impression from the lesson

Bachata Music: