Brazilian Zouk Bootcamp by Christiaan & Eline

Brazilian Zouk Bootcamp – Beginner and Improver track
★ Brazilian Zouk !!! Are you ready to connect, flow and express your musicality?After the successful bootcamp in november we now organise this second edition to (further) learn Brazilian Zouk. Learning to dance Brazilian Zouk, is learning a new dance style with lots of technique, musicality and partnering.This will let you enjoy dancing Brazilian Zouk, both also help you improve your abilities as a dancer in general!

Brazilian Zouk can also be high energy!

Beginner Track
(12:00-14:00h)On this day you will start to learn all the basic of this beautiful graceful dance. We will start from scratch with most of the basic elements, how to connect them and already how to make creative variations with musicality! We will also touch upon some of the three dimensional movements that enrich Brazilian Zouk so much. This is an “open to all” Beginner Track. so prepare for two hours packed with new movements, yet in a relaxed atmosphere.Requirements:
– 10 classes of partner dance experience recommended
Price: € 22,50

Improver Track (14:30-16:30h)
The second part of the afternoon we offer an improvement track. This track is ideally designed for those who participated in the intensive 3 hour Brazilian Zouk bootcamp on Nov 2nd, but also open for people who danced 2 courses or more of Brazilian Zouk in the past or elsewhere*. During two more hours we will briefly repeat and further expand your dance vocabulary of moves and combinations. We will also work on tempo variations, three dimensional techniques, musicality, expression and partnering connection. And above all we will have a lot of fun expanding our possibilities to dance!Requirements:
– Techniques required*, basics, soltinho, bodyroll, elastico and boomerang
Price: € 22,50

– Location: Salsa Connexion Dance Company
– Adress: Hoogstraat 297A, 5654 NA Eindhoven
– Date: Saturday 14 December 2019
– Lesson is given in English
– Teachers Christiaan & Eline (Christiaan Simons & Eline Overdijk)

12.00 – 14.00 Brazilian Zouk “Open to All” Beginner Track
14.30 – 16.30 Brazilian Zouk Accelerated Bootcamp Improver Track

Per track : € 22,50
Register: https://www.salsaconnexion.nl/workshops/
Registration closes after Friday December 12
Door sale: €25,00 per track – cash only

Bring your own food & drinks. Our bar will be open during the breaks.
We will bring some fruits for you.

Email: bootcamp@salsaconnexion.nl
Whatsapp: +31(6)42 75 54 65
Website: www.salsaconnexion.nl