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Brazilian Zouk

About Brazilian Zouk

Brazilian Zouk is a partner dance which began in Brazil during the early 1990s. Brazilian Zoukevolved from the partner dance known as the Lambada. As the Lambada music genre went out of fashion, Lambada dancers turned to Caribbean Zouk (from the francophone, Caribbean Islands) as their music of choice

Zouk can be danced to a broad variety of music. Dancing Brazilian Zouk is connecting, expressing and enjoying the music together.

Why take Zouk classes?

Our clients in Eindhoven decide to take Zouk classes for many reasons. You may have your own but here are some of the most popular:
✅ Easy way to meet new people;
✅ Dancing is fun! Share this experience together.
✅ A way to challenge your body and mind.
✅ Increase your confidence
✅ Zouk is great for working on connection

When you can dance Zouk, or even salsa, you will find yourself having so much fun in social dancing situations.

Zouk Impression from the teachers @Salsa Connexion in Eindhoven


Registration Information Salsa Bachata Kizomba Zouk